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This is not just a jacket, the arrak jacket is a complete concept created in cooperation from many dog handlers and professional trainers.

  •     The collar is extra wide and extra high. This enables you to snap the collar in front of your face and not just under the chin.
  •     The arrak hood is waterproof and like the collar is able to snap in front of you face. The hood is also adjustable and has a peak.
  •     The jacket sleeves are approximately 2.5 to 3 longer than a normal jacket; this allows you to work on your knees with a puppy or young dog without the annoyance of the sleeve pulling up.
  •     The arrak jacket is waterproof.
  •     The front zipper has a double fold covering making the jacket completely waterproof.
  •     The Back pocket is a large tunnel style pocket large enough to hold a dumbbell.
  •     There is a waterproof removable pocket insert for treats, this can also be used a water bowl for your dog.
  •     There are reflective 3M strips on the front and back of the jacket. (Four Season Jackets Only)
  •     The back has a ventilated flap that is large enough for your dog club or company logo.
  •     The makeup of the material used allow the jacket to be customized for temperatures ranging from -5F to 70F (-20C to 20C)
  •     There are zippered openings under each arm to help with cooling in warmer weather or when doing very active training.