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RedLine K9 DSG Standard Leather Dog Muzzle

RedLine K9 DSG Standard Leather Dog Muzzle
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RedLine K9 DSG Standard Leather Dog Muzzle

Has a reinforced nose piece with heavy leather sides and a padded liner for the dogs comfort. Similar to our Agitation / Police Dog Muzzle, but without the reinforced sides and top felt liner. Black Only

How to Determine Muzzle Size
1) measure from the tip of the nose to the eyes (length of muzzle).
2) measure around the muzzle at the widest part (girth of muzzle).

  • Medium - Small to Medium Malinois or Small Shepherd (length 4" x girth 12")
  • Large - Medium to Large Malinois or Shepherd (length 4" x girth 13")
  • X-Large - Large Shepherds (length 4" x girth 14")

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