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RedLine Kennel Buddy K9 Ramp

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RedLine Kennel Buddy K9 Ramp
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Kennel Buddy K9 Ramp by RedLine K9

  •     Reducing your K-9 partners wear and tear from the constant jumps in and out of your Police vehicle
  •     Less trips to the vets for soft tissue injuries
  •     Extend yours and your K-9 partners time in the K-9 section

Justin Whittaker, Handler with the Saanich police Dept:

This “Kennel Buddy” or K-9 ramp was designed to limit the approx. 2.5-3ft daily jump in and out of your Police service vehicle, dozens of times a day.  No Handler ever considers when your K9 partner is 1-2 years old and full of energy the thought of planning for your K9 to age and through the course of their duties, to deteriorate. We expect so much from our K9 athletes which consist of rapid deployments from our vehicles, jumping obstacles and direct apprehensions. My partner is now 7 years old and after a bought of Torsion, a fractured knee cap and countless soft tissue injuries I was able to see firsthand how much more difficult the daily chore of simply loading in and out of the Tahoe, has become.  This was the driving force behind the design of this ramp to firstly improve your K9 partners overall visibility from within the Kennel enclosure, by not having to lower the kennel to the floor of the vehicle. Secondly by keeping the kennel high in the vehicle you are able to utilize the front “slider” properly along with minimizing the distance to the ground from the exit ramp.  The ramp feature illustrated in the attached picture demonstrates a less than 1ft exit to the ground without intruding on the abundance of left over, kennel floor space. The ramp further provides for an even easier Kennel wash out as there is now formally a way for the left over or stagnant water to drain from the floor area, to ensure a clean and dry area for your K9 partner. This K9 Kennel ramp system can be incorporated into 2 or 4 wheel drive vehicles which will reduce unnecessary costs of having vehicles professionally lowered to achieve the same results.

Kennel Buddy K9 Ramp by RedLine K9

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