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Regin FP Smoke

Regin FP Smoke
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Regin FP Smoke

The Powder Puffer Smoke Source is an inexpensive, non-toxic alternative to other air current detectors. This easy to use bottle will generate about 10 X the puffs of the old smaller bottle. Safe and inexpensive "smoke" for use in many applications, including checking drafts . You can also use the Powder FP Smoke to visually monitor air balancing, wind direction and air movement.

This multi-use Smoke Bottle a new eco-friendly way to produce a nonhazardous smoke and dispensing system that provides a realistic, lighter than air smoke for the air balancing industry, the energy conservation industry, smoke and fire prevention, testing negative/positive pressure rooms, special effects, and anywhere you need just the right amount of test smoke. The new smoke bottle is a self-contained system that provides a visible and buoyant non-toxic realistic smoke with a squeeze of the bottle. 

This product can be closed and stored in a dry environment almost indefinitely. Just give the bottle a shake between applications, point the bottle in an upward or horizontal direction and squeeze.

Unlike similar products sold elsewhere, the Regin FP Smoke's shelf life is unaffected after bottle is first opened and it is less toxic.
Regin FP Smoke

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