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Tuf Foot - Dog paw and pad care. Protect your dog's feet.

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Tuf Foot - Dog paw and pad care. Protect your dog's feet.
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Tuf Foot - Dog paw and pad care. Protect your dog's feet.

Whether your dog needs to assist in the hunt, pull a sled, search through rubble, or just hang out in the yard TUF-FOOT can keep his sensitive paws and pads in excellent condition.

TUF-FOOT is guaranteed to toughen and protect soft, sore and tender paws and pads on your dog. TUF-FOOT has been shown to aid in the healing of sore paws and pads, cut pads, and bruises often having remarkable results within a few days.

TUF-FOOT also prevents cracking and bleeding of of your dog's pads “

For the last two years I have been training a Shepard for urban search and rescue…Within two weeks of using your product she didn’t have a crack left in her paws and has not cut her feet since. “ - Janet from Auburn, WA

TUF-FOOT's pad toughening formula contains no harmful chemicals and is safe for your dog to lick his foot.

I want you to know how much I’ve come to rely on Tuf-Foot for keeping my bird dogs pads and tails in good shape. There is nothing like it when it comes to toughening up a dog’s feet prior to and during the hunting season. It’s the only remedy I use for cut and briar wounds and to treat those bloody tails on my English Setters.” - Jim, Peyton Ferry Farm, Bowman, GA.

Tuf Foot - Dog paw and pad care. Protect your dog's fee

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