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Bite Sleeves

One of many accessories integral to preparing a dog for Schutzhund or police K9 applications is a bite sleeve. However, different bite sleeves will be required for these exercises depending on the age and level of your dog's training. Here at DogSport Gear, you will find an assortment of bite sleeves, suits, and other dog equipment for canines at various skill levels.

When starting a young dog with Schutzhund or police training, a bite suit arm is an excellent and affordable option to strengthen a dog's bite and grip abilities. At DogSport Gear, you will find a few bite suit arm options for younger dogs beginning their training. These bite suit arms and puppy protection sleeves will shield your arm from a dog's bite while providing your canine with a soft and durable bite surface.

As a dog grows and its skills improve, larger and more durable bite suit arms quickly become necessary. Also available at DogSport Gear are Schutzhund leather ambidextrous training sleeves and air compression sleeves. These versatile bite sleeves offer vital arm protection when perfecting a dog's bite. These bite sleeves help to enhance grip while preventing the dog from chewing.

Along with bite sleeves, DogSport Gear is home to many other dog equipment products perfect for training, exercise, and even for fun. We are also one of the largest retailers of such equipment that is willing to ship worldwide. Placing an order is easy at DogSport Gear, as secure credit card payments can be submitted directly from this website or placed by calling our toll-free number.