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Bite Suits

Dog training for police, military, and ringsport applications requires dog equipment that can withstand the rigors of such tactical exercises. Bite suits are very important in this type of training, as they will not only help build a dog's skills, but maintain them as well. Here at DogSport Gear, a variety of both bite suits and bite sleeves are available to protect a decoy while training dogs.

For especially tough body biters, the heavy full-body dog bite suit found here will provide sufficient protection in all the right places. It has been used throughout Europe and the United States for dog training in military and police situations. Its double-reinforced shoulders and sleeves will shield the wearer from particularly hard biters, while still providing maneuverability. Unlike other suits that offer this level of protection, it can be put on and removed quickly as well.

For a different approach to your dog training, the police K9 tactical bite suit can be worn underneath clothing to give the wearer an everyday appearance. This suit will provide the protection necessary for bite training, but it still allows the wearer to maneuver comfortably. As this suit must be fitted to be worn under clothing, custom sizing is offered here at DogSport Gear to achieve the perfect fit.

Also available is a medium full-body dog bite suit and a police K9 jacket. The medium full-body suit is another option for full decoy protection from various attacks, including armpit and tricep bites. The police K9 jacket on the other hand is ideal for applications where mobility is as important as protection. All of these suits along with various other dog equipment and training products can be found and ordered online here at DogSport Gear, or by calling our toll-free number.