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Dog Crates

Dogs involved in Schutzhund and police work require dog equipment designed specifically for professional applications. In these situations, average run-of-the-mill gear simply won't suffice. This even includes dog crates, which some people may write off as a superfluous purchase that doesn't require a great deal of thought.

In reality, though, a dog crate doesn't just serve as a temporary home for a dog. When choosing a dog crate, you should look for one that's built strong to last for years, and one that will provide your dog with a high level of protection while he or she's inside. This is why we choose to carry only aluminum dog crates here at DogSport Gear, as they are both durable and safe.

Our dog crates are perfect for demanding professional jobs, or for the typical dog owner that wants a dog crate to last a lifetime. All of the dog crates found on this website are crafted and welded using aircraft aluminum. No assembly is required either, which strengthens the crate far beyond anything that is made from plastic, or one that requires you to put it together before you can use it.

One of the best endorsements any product could have is from the people who protect and serve our country. The dog crates found here at DogSport Gear were not only tested and approved by the US Military and US Army, they're used by them as well. If our crates can last through the harsh and demanding conditions of the military, they will certainly stand up and provide a high level of protection in Schutzhund or police applications, or during everyday use.