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Dog Fur Saver Collar

The preferred collar choice for many dog trainers around the world is Herm Sprenger. These German-made collars are synonymous with top quality, which is the reason why we only stock Herm Sprenger collars here at DogSport Gear. The types available on this website include prong, show, leather, and stainless steel dog fur saver collars.

Herm Sprenger stainless steel dog fur saver collars eliminate many of the problems that plague budget-priced nickel collars. A stainless steel collar, for example, won't pose a problem to dogs with allergies to nickel. In addition, stainless steel will not discolor the coat of a dog with light-colored fur. Perhaps most important of all, stainless steel collars are durable, which makes them ideal for training applications.

One of the most widely used collars for training is a prong collar. These collars perfectly blend affordably with quality and strength. A variety of Herm Sprenger prong collars are available here at DogSport Gear in a number of different sizes and finishes. If affordability is what you're after, the Ultra Prong Collar is an ideal choice, as it comes with a fixed plate so the prong won't open while you're working.

Attractive and durable Herm Sprenger show collars were designed for competition purposes. The leather, brass, and stainless steel collars carried here will all provide you with excellent control and help your dog breathe easy and remain fresh in the ring. These show collars--along with a wide range of other Herm Sprenger products--can be ordered easily from this website with a credit card, or by calling our toll free number.