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Dog Lessons – Considerations for Your New Puppy

Posted by Administrator on 3/29/2011

Dog Lessons – Considerations for Your New Puppy

Posted on February 9, 2011 by puppies

Ah yes, the first day home for your new puppy. Their little attempts at barks, and adorable appearance are enough to make anyone soften up. However, once the novelty wears off, the fact that your puppy uses every room in your house as his personal bathroom begins to irk you. Perhaps some dog lessons are in order. Here are a few considerations when it comes to dog lessons.

First off, social interaction is always good.

Social interaction is excellent and allows your puppy to get along with other puppies and people. Doing this at an early age accustoms your puppy to social situations.

Secondly, consider what to look for in a trainer.

It is best to find a trainer that will come to your house for one to one sessions. Also, ensure they are not simply using haphazard means with your puppy. They should have a reason for doing what they do. First off, this ensures that they actually know what they’re talking about, and secondly, it allows you to understand their methodology which will help you interact with your puppy.

Next, you should consider when to begin puppy lessons.

It comes with good intentions that most want to begin puppy lessons as soon as possible for their pup. However, our recommendation is that you wait about a month or two so that your pup can develop a relationship with you and that they become comfortable in their new surroundings. ((Proof of vaccination is your next step.

Most legit trainers will require proof of vaccination in written form. This is no slight to you or your puppy, in fact, it is a necessary step that most good trainers will make to ensure that no dog, including yours, catches an unnecessary disease.

Another consideration, are classes indoor or outdoor?

What you should be looking for is a combination of indoor and outdoor classes. This allows your puppy to be exposed to different types of conditions, and this helps them adjust to various surroundings.

Finally, some things to look for while in class.

There are a few important things to look for during your puppy lessons. First, a trainer should never force your dog to interact with other puppies. This is a sign that you might not have the most competent trainer. Also, watch if your dog might be tiring. There is nothing wrong necessarily with your pup if he or she has less energy than other puppies in the class. Different dogs have different energy levels. Lastly, watch that other puppies are not picking on your puppy. This can lead to them not socializing properly, and fearing other dogs. ((Asking yourself the above questions and looking for the special considerations listed will help you find the right trainer to enroll your puppy in dog lessons. Getting an early start in proper dog lessons will lead to an obedient and fun life between you and your new best friend.

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