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Dog Tracking Harness

When it comes to dog tracking harnesses for Schutzhund, police, or protection situations, everyone has a preference. Some use padded collars over unpadded while others choose leather instead of nylon. One thing is for certain, though; a harness will pull into the dog's breast area instead of the throat, which won't restrict breathing the way that a collar will.

For multi-purpose work, a nylon harness is a great choice. The versatile nylon harness carried here at DogSport Gear is lightweight but durable enough for rigorous training and tracking applications. This nylon harness features two extra D-rings sewn into the side, one-button use for quick removal, and Velcro side panels so you can attach a department patch if one is necessary.

Other harnesses for police protection and tracking work include our patrol, service, and SAR harnesses. All of these harnesses feature a single button for getting the harness on and off quickly. However, the patrol harness features side panels for department patches, while the service and SAR harnesses come with appropriate decoration. The patrol harness has a service dog patch on top, and the SAR harness has a red cross that is easy to see and will instantly let people know your purpose.

For general use, we also carry a nylon/leather combination harness and a padded leather one as well. In the end, though, it doesn't matter what the collar will be used for, be it professional or casual use. If you demand rugged dog equipment that is comfortable for your dog, all of the dog tracking harnesses found here at DogSport Gear fit the bill perfectly.