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Dog Training Sleeves

Dog training sleeves will allow you to train a dog new to the world of Schutzhund or police work and improve his bite and grip abilities. Here at DogSport Gear, you'll find a full range of dog training sleeves for puppies and young dogs as well as dogs competing in Schutzhund and ringsport. Regardless of the sleeve chosen, all are tough, versatile, and designed to last.

For starting a young dog with Schutzhund or police K9 work, one of our bite suit arms is ideal. These sleeves are crafted from the same French linen that is used to create full-body bite suits. Our bite suit arms are both light and sturdy, and will provide your pup with a soft bite surface as you introduce him to the world of Schutzhund or police K9 training.

Next in line for a pup is a bite bar or trial sleeve. Here at DogSport Gear, you will find a number of intermediate sleeves that will offer you protection from bites as you hone your dogs' abilities. This transitional sleeve comes in either left or right designs, and features a jute bottom that can be replaced as it's needed. This replaceable bottom attaches easily to the plastic cuff of the sleeve with a durable leather strap.

Finally, we offer more robust dog training sleeves. A few variations on bite sleeve designs are carried here at DogSport Gear, including sleeves with a dished-out bite bar to enhance grip, an ambidextrous all-leather training sleeve, and an air compression sleeve designed for grip building. Whichever type of sleeve is right for your application, you will find a perfect model here at DogSport Gear, and worldwide shipping is available for all of our products.