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Dog Training Supplies

If you're looking for dog training supplies that are far superior to anything found in most specialty pet stores, DogSport Gear likely has what you're after. We're dedicated to carrying only the highest quality products for dog training applications. This includes items for Schutzhund and ringsport activities, and more serious and demanding dog equipment for police K9 and search and rescue jobs.

Items specifically designed for police K9 training include bite suits that can be worn either over or underneath clothing. Other products are geared more towards Schutzhund and ringsport, such as our dog dumbbells for increasing strength. Some--like collars, muzzles, and crates--are quite versatile and are perfect for a variety of training applications or just for typical dog owners that want high quality equipment.

For the downtime between training sessions, you will also find practical items that all dog owners will find useful. The only difference between the items found here and most others is that they are made from stronger materials. Our dog tug toys, for example, are crafted from leather, jute, French linen, and even fire hoses, and are sure to stand up to years of use and abuse.

Unlike many other retailers selling such equipment, we here at DogSport Gear will ship our products anywhere in the world. This includes the full range of dog equipment on our website, from leads and collars to bite suits and crates. If you're interested in ordering any of these dog training supplies, you can do so right from this website or by calling our toll free number.