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Dog Tug Toys

Dog tug toys are great for building strength in younger dogs and to reward older dogs for a job well done. Here at DogSport Gear, you will find a huge assortment of durable dog toys made from a variety of materials. All dog tug toys and everything else found here can be ordered directly from this website or by calling our toll free number, and shipping is available worldwide.

The most popular DogSport Gear dog tugs are the ones crafted from leather. All leather tugs are handmade at our shop, and we handpick the leather to ensure a high level of quality. Some are simple in design, using multiple strips of leather, while others feature padding for pups. If a tug for a younger dog is what you're looking for, one of our leather tugs made from soft sham material will be comfortable and easy for your puppy to bite.

Our jute and French linen tugs make excellent obedience rewards and are durable enough to stand up to years of use without losing their shape. For something a little different than a traditional tug, you may be interested in our "gripper flipper" which is a combination of a flying disc and a tug toy. If you're looking for a French linen tug but don't see the size that you're after here, we can custom make one to your size specifications.

All of the dog tug toys carried here at DogSport Gear are double-sewn with heavy commercial thread for maximum strength. This includes our unique fire hose tugs, which are made using raw unbleached cotton. This combination of fire hose materials and cotton allows the tug toy to float on water, but ensures that the toy is completely safe for your dog. Many other tug toys are stuffed using fibers which could be harmful to your dog, but a DogSport Gear tug toy is safe even if your dog's tug is usually strong enough to tear open the toy.