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Electric Training Dog Collars

One of the leaders in electric training dog collars is Dogtra. Its line of collars includes remote training collars, bark collars, and even an e-fence system. We choose to carry Dogtra products here at DogSport Gear because this brand focuses on strength and longevity by using only the highest quality electronics inside of all of its products.

Available here is an assortment of Dogtra remote electric dog training collars with varying degrees of power, all of which are ideal for dog training applications. If affordability is what you're after, Dogtra has created the 175 NCP, which is a great entry-level collar for medium to large breeds. This reasonably priced model features a waterproof receiver and transmitter, 400-yard range, dual stimulation modes, and a rechargeable Ni-MH battery.

For something between the lower and high-end models, the 200 NCP was created to bridge the gap. This particular Dogtra remote dog training collar features waterproof parts and a rechargeable battery, along with other desirable features. This model also has a half-mile range, nick or constant stimulation modes, and a non-stimulating pager mode.

Three Dogtra remote dog training collar lines fall into the upper end of the spectrum: the 1100 NC, the 1200 series, and the 2000 series. These electric collars are very popular with both hunters and dog trainers for their versatility and durability. When you purchase a collar from one of these lines, you can expect rechargeable batteries, waterproof construction, nick/constant stimulation modes, and ranges up to and beyond one mile, depending on the collar chosen. Regardless of which one is right for your application though, Dogtra collars can be ordered online here at DogSport Gear, and shipping is available to anywhere in the world.