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Rescue Dog Training

A collar is a standard piece of dog equipment, but one that is necessary for all rescue dog training. We stock Herm Sprenger collars here at DogSport Gear, which many are considered to be the highest quality collars in the world. The collar section of this website includes stainless steel fur saver collars to prevent fur discoloration and prong collars that are very strong and resistant to coming loose while working, along with many more in different styles and finishes.

An alternative to a standard collar for rescue dog training we have an electric remote training collar. We choose to supply only Dogtra electric collars at DogSport Gear, as Dogtra focuses on durability and uses only the best electronics in all of its products. Available here is a wide range of versatile Dogtra products that feature rechargeable batteries, waterproof/resistant electronics, and ranges of 400 yards up to and beyond one mile.

One product carried here at DogSport Gear that was designed specifically for rescue dog applications is actually a harness. This harness will offer you control over your dog, but it will not pull into the dog's throat and restrict its breathing the way that a collar will. This particular harness features a large red cross to let people know exactly what your purpose is, whether you're training or out in the field.

While rescue dog training does require the use of these products, many more are integral to the training process. Here at DogSport Gear, you'll find a wide range of professional items that are designed and tested for such demanding applications. Whether you're looking for rescue, Schutzhund, or police K9 training products, you can find and order them on this website, and shipping is available on all our products anywhere in the world.