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Schutzhund Equipment

Schutzhund training takes patience, dedication, and the proper Schutzhund equipment. Here at DogSport Gear, you'll find virtually all of the products required to take a dog new to the world of Schutzhund and help build his tracking, obedience, and protection abilities. Everything from bite sleeves to protection sleeves and even toys are available here, and unlike other retailers of such equipment, we ship our products worldwide.

As a puppy begins Schutzhund training, different products are required than those used by older, more experienced dogs. Bite sleeves are a perfect example of this. On this website, you can browse through an assortment of bite sleeves designed specifically for pups at the beginning of their Schutzhund careers. What makes these sleeves different is the way they're constructed. Bite sleeves for pups certainly need to protect the wearer, but they also must provide a soft, comfortable surface for a puppy to strengthen his bite and grip abilities.

Also carried here are Schutzhund protection training sleeve covers. If you're looking for an incredibly strong sleeve, one of our jute sleeves is sure to meet your requirements. All of the jute sleeves found here at DogSport Gear are made with high quality materials to give them an exceptional level of durability and protection. Also available is an electric sleeve cover, which allows you to attach an electric collar to the sleeve, eliminating the purchase of a more expensive all-in-one electric sleeve.

Toys can be an important part of training, just as much as other pieces of Schutzhund equipment. Keep in mind, quality is very important to us even when it comes to dog toys. This is why you will only find durable items for playtime at DogSport Gear, whether it's a solid rubber ball with a jute handle or a Chuckit! made from lightweight yet durable plastic.