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Dog Ear Supports

Dog Ear Supports

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  • Set of two (2) supports
  • Helps support soft ears
  • Ergonomically designed for proper fit
  • Approximately 4 inches long

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Dog ear support forms are like adding an extra layer of cartilage to help support soft ears on dogs that naturally should have an erect ear set. These ergonomically designed dog ear support forms help promote proper shape and growth.

These dog ear support forms are approximately 4 in long and molded into the shape of erect dog ears. Ear supports can be attached to the ear via medical adhesive like Skin Bond Latex Adhesive: OSTO-BOND SKIN BONDING CEMENT, 4 OZ. CAN W/BRUSH. or medical tape (both of which are available from a pharmacy).


Customer Reviews

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Chris Russo

Dog Ear Supports

These Actually Work and The Solution To Fixing Floppy Ears

Im so glad someone recommended these ear inserts for my German Shepherd pup. Make sure to use a surgical grade type of glue which you can get online. There are plenty of videos online showing you how to use them and make sure to watch so u do it right. They dont hurt your dog and he/she will forget about wearing them after a couple of hours. Ive played with my pup in the rain and they stayed in the ears for 10 days. After 3 weeks of using the inserts my baby's ears are nice and straight at 7 months old. Dont wait until its too late to do it.

Linda Stahl

Very efficient and friendly.

San Chambers
Dog Sport Gear's Ear Supports Are The Perfect Solution!

My very large GSD puppy's ears weren't standing after he got his adult teeth in, so I asked my breeder for help. She recommended Dog Sport Gear's Ear Supports, and they're the perfect solution! They're firm enough to help the ears stand, but flexible enough to be comfortable for the dog. They're also reusable! I highly recommend both this product and this company!!