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All Weather Biothane Harness

All Weather Biothane Harness

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  • Completely waterproof 520 Biothane®
  • Removable neoprene lined breast plate
  • Stainless steel hardware

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Harness Girth Measurement

Harness girth measurement is the widest point of your dog's chest and rib cage area.  Harness sizes are based on the girth measurement and can vary widely between breeds or even individual dogs. It is important to accurately measure your dog's girth for the best possible harness fit.

To measure your dog, stand over your dog and place one end of a measuring tape on the dog's spine just above the widest part of the dog's rib cage.  With your other hand, wrap the tape measure behind the dog's front legs and around the dog's body, making sure to go underneath the widest part of the rib care as shown in the diagram. 

It is important to order a harness that has an appropriate girth measurement for your dog.  If your dog's measurement falls between two different sizes, consider ordering the larger size to allow room for growth.

520 Biothane® Specifications

Flexibility of Coated B10 Web (pounds force to bend 4? sample 90°) 2.04
Polymer PVC
Webbing PET
Appearance Matte
Abrasion Resistance (Scale of 1-10, where 1 is poor and 10 is excellent) 4
UV Resistance - ASTM G155 (Scale of 1-10, where 1 is poor and 10 is excellent) 9
Infrared Reflectance - AATCC EVAL PROCEDURE 9 (Black) N/A
Modulus of Rigidity @ -35°C - ASTM D1043 (PSI) 6070
Clash-Berg Stiffness @ 45k PSI - ASTM D1043 (°C) -53.9
Tear Resistance Graves ASTM D624 (lbs/inch) 180
Coefficient of Friction - Static - ASTM D1894-95 1.59
Coefficient of Friction - Kinetic - ASTM D1894-95 1.55
Low Temperature Brittleness ASTM D746 (°C | °F) -49 | -56
Glass Transition Temperature - ASTM E1356 (°C) -55.5
Vicat Softening - ASTM D1525-00 (°C) 55.3
Tensile - ASTM D412 (PSI) 1430
Modulus @ 100% - ASTM D412 (PSI) 715
Modulus @ 300% - ASTM D412 (PSI) 1280
Elongation ASTM D412 (%) 270
Acetic Acid 20% - ASTM D471 (% weight change | % volume change) 20.1 | 24.9
Unleaded Gas - ASTM D471 (% weight change | % volume change) (-)13.3 | (-)9.7
ASTM Oil #1 - ASTM D471 (% weight change | % volume change) (-)2.5 | (-)3.3
Sodium Hydroxide - ASTM D471 (% weight change | % volume change) 0 | (-)0.1
Sea Water - ASTM D471 (% weight change | % volume change) 0.2 0.2
Bleach - ASTM D471 (% weight change | % volume change) 0.2 | 0.2
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Made from ultra durable 520 Biothane®, and finished with stainless steel hardware, this harness is truly an all-purpose hardness. Biothane is completely waterproof and the removable breast plate is backed with Neoporene making this harness ideal for water sports and wet climates. Available in your favorite colors, match your Biothane harness to your favorite Biothane leash.

We only use 207 Heavy Duty Commercial thread and Stainless Steel hardware to finish each harness.  No rivets are used as punching a hole through Biothane weakens the core substantially.

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