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Successful Together - The Journey To Masterful Protection Work

Successful Together - The Journey To Masterful Protection Work

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  • Peter Scherk and Dr. Florian Knabl
  • Step by step instructions for IGP protection
  • Hardcover 1st Edition
  • Detailed pictures and graphics
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Successful Together - The Journey To Masterful Protection Work 1st Edition is written by Peter Scherk and Dr. Florian Knabl. Mr. Scherk and Dr, Knabl are highly respected trainers and handlers with a lifetime of experience between them. Cumulatively they have won 3 Individual World Championships, 12 Team World Championships and have participated at 14 World Championships. 

For many years the authors have traveled around the World giving seminars and passing on their wealth of knowledge to all levels of handlers. Their combined contributions to dogsport are already immeasurable and yet the continue to revise their methods regularly. 

Text From Back Cover

Three world champions, one idea- a professional and consistent training system.

That, in a few words, is the Dog Sports Club Heuwinkl in Upper Bavaria with its ideas and tacticians Conny and Peter Scherk and Dr. Florian Knabl. No other dog sports club in the world has collected more national and international titels in the past 30 years than Heuwinkl.

Their success in protection work relies a lot on an understanding of the dogs conceptual and structural thinking, precision, consistency, diligence, perseverance, attention to detail, enthusiasm and a great deal of empathy for the dogs.

In Heuwinkl protection work is understood as a confrontation between man and dog on eye level, passionate but respectful, whereby the perfect and fast alternation of dynamic fighting and tense pauses constitute the special challenge and attraction. The supporting, main elements are discipline, control and self-control of dog handler, dog and helper.

Understood and practiced in this way, protection work is not just a random scuffle but a ritualized, structured martial art in which the dogs’ dignity is always at the center of the action. In Heuwinkl we use the dogs’ instincts and drives instead of working against them.

In this way, the entire protection work becomes a kind of Hope Run for the dog, that carries him from exercise to exercise in constant expectation of being rewarded.

The authors develop the different elements of the protection work step by step with clear, detailed pictures, showing how to avoid the typical problems that may arise during protection work. The instructions are pepped up with lots of help and tricks gained from their many years of experience.


Subject IGP protection work
Step by step instuctions for each excercise.
Explanations from puppy age up to trial preparation
Illustrated with lots of pictures
Volume 409 Pages
ISBN 978-3-00-076334-2

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Eliane Thomas
A must book for protection

Very interesting, educational, helpful for dog protection Work out exercises